Defect Detection
Technofour Defect Detection Systems
Flawmark-EX  is the top-of-the-line system for inspection of tubes and wires with encircling and segment coils.
Flawmark-EC  for inspection of tubes and wires with encircling and segment coils.
Rotoprobe-EX  for inspection of bars and wire rods for surface defects using rotating probes.
Paras-EX for inspection of irregular or non-circular cross sections with multi-channel Eddy Current Probe Arrays.
Insis-EX  for in-service inspection of heat exchangers and steam generators.  Plus a lot more..
Flawmark-SP  is a robust cost-effective solution for inspection of tubes without frills.
Defectoscope test system for checking finished rotosymetrical components for surface defects.
Crack Detector  for portable inspection of defects in aircraft maintenance and other applications.
UTUSB is a credit-card sized Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
MagFlux is an Magnetic Flux Leakage system for automated inspeciton of seamless tubes.
Check out our latest Ultra-portables and the unique EddyBLU
Encircling Coil
Segment Coil
Rotating Probe
Surface Probe
Test Methods
Tube Inspection
Bar Inspection
In-service testing
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ECT Products
Flawmark, Paras, Rotoprobe and Magflux systems can be employed in Online, Inline, Offline or Spool-to-spool configurations. This document describes the configurations in detail.