Defect Detection
Technofour Defect Detection Systems
Flawmark-GX  is the top-of-the-line system for inspection of tubes and wires with encircling and segment coils.
Flawmark-EX  for inspection of tubes and wires with encircling and segment coils.
Rotoprobe-EX  for inspection of bars and wire rods for surface defects using rotating probes.
Paras-EX for inspection of irregular or non-circular cross sections with multi-channel Eddy Current Probe Arrays.
Insis-EX  for in-service inspection of heat exchangers and steam generators.  Plus a lot more..
Flawmark-SP  is a robust cost-effective solution for inspection of tubes without frills. Flawmark-LX implements these features in a compact touch-operated instrument.
Defectoscope test system for checking finished rotosymetrical components for surface defects.
Crack Detector  for portable inspection of defects in aircraft maintenance and other applications.
UTUSB is a credit-card sized Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
MagFlux is an Magnetic Flux Leakage system for automated inspeciton of seamless tubes.
Check out our latest Ultra-portables and the unique  EddyBLU
Encircling Coil
Segment Coil
Rotating Probe
Surface Probe
Test Methods
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In-service testing
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Flawmark, Paras, Rotoprobe and Magflux systems can be employed in Online, Inline, Offline or Spool-to-spool configurations. This document describes the configurations in detail.