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The Technofour GX Series!
Defect Detection
Technofour's GX Series of Eddy Current non-destructive test systems combines novel features and significant advances in technology.  Unique D3 signal processing technology dramatically increases stability and signal-to-noise ratio in production systems.  The GX series seamlessly integrates into networks and offers the convenience of remote viewing, remote diagnostics and extensive reporting and logging.  You can connect to the systems over the Internet or prefer to get e-mail reports at scheduled time intervals.
Especially useful for online system configurations are SPC and various statistical displays that let you monitor the production line accurately.
Flawmark-GX is crafted for testing metal tubes, wires and bars with encircling coils or segment coils / probes.  The system can be used in online ( after welding, but before the tube is cut), inline ( directly after cutting) or offline configurations with a separate handling system.  It can also be used for spool-to-spool inspection of wires.
Multifect-GX is a sixth generation multi-channel multi-frequecy eddy current metal sorter that incorporates real-time harmonic frequency analysis to dramatically improve reliability in sorting ferromagnetic parts such as fastners and auto components etc.  Multi-line and multi-parameter options allow versatile deployment for any application