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VISUAL SETTINGS : The phase and Gain of differential channel can be set 'visually'.

SMART CROPPING : Is a unique feature of Flawmark-EC. In tube mills, the flying saw cuts tubes at constant length. If a tube has a defect at one end, the entire cut length has to be rejected. Smart cropping reduces such wastage to a minimum. Depending on where defects occur, the system can send a signal to the flying saw to initiate a cut even before the set length is measured. The software keeps track of defective portions and minimizes wastage.

FEEDBACK FOR PROCESS CONTROL : Flawmark-EC sends information on serial link about the noise level in a section of the tube. A process control computer can utilize this information to set, for example, welding parameters to improve quality of tubes and effectively reduce wastage.

WATCHDOG DIAGNOSTICS : The system executes a self-check at power-up. It keeps track of settings and will report any faults. A watchdog timer makes sure the system does not latch up due to powerline spikes etc.

TOTAL RECALL : Each set of test parameters is saved to disk. The last complete set of parameters is automatically loaded at power-up. Any other set can be loaded at will.

AUTOMATIC TRACKING FILTER : In mills where tube speed fluctuate, filters need to be changed to maintain the amplitude and phase of test signals. This has to be done manually in conventional eddy current systems. Flawmark-EC takes over the complete responsibility, tracks the mill speed and adjusts filters automatically.

BUILT-IN ABSOLUTE CHANNEL : For detecting open welds, special circuitry and software is built-in. Signals from this channel are represented by a 20- "LED" bargraph display on the LCD Screen.

COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF DISPLAYS : Several kinds of displays can be brought up on the LCD graphics screen. They include vector display and a scrolled Y-T display alongwith parameters; similar signals with zoomed parameters; a test-line display where defects are shown in relation to markers; a storage display which converts the screen to a storage oscilloscope and an animation display that mimics the system on screen.

AUTOMATIC DELAY SETTING : In offline or inline configurations, tubes are fed through the test head on V-rollers. Clearly, at constant V-roller RPM, the tube's linear speed varies as per tube diameter. This necessiates re-setting of paint marker delays at each size change. Flawmark-EC, however, does this automatically once the user feeds in tube diameter.

THREE THRESHOLDS FOR SORTING : Flawmark-EC provides three variable thresholds for differential channel. Two of these are used for automatic sorting and the third, set at the lowest value, provides the input for process control. Additionally a sector threshold is available for use in phase plus amplitude mode of evaluation. The Absolute channel has its own independent threshold which is also available for automatic sorting.