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Test Configurations Online, Inline, Offline or Continuous

Test Frequency 1 KHz to 1000 KHz
                                           Optional extended range up to 4 MHz.

Eddy Current Channels One differential is standard
                                            An additional absolute channel is optional

Signal Gain 20 dB to 80 dB in 0.1 dB steps (differential)
                                            20 dB to 60 dB in 0.5 dB steps (absolute)

Phase 0 to 359 in 1 steps (differential)

Evaluation modes Amplitude, Phase-sensitive and Sector mode (Differential)
                                             Amplitude mode for absolute channel.

Thresholds Two independent amplitude thresholds and
                                             two independent sector thresholds (differential)
                                             One amplitude threshold for absolute

Filters High-pass 1 Hz .. 250 Hz
                                              Low-pass 2 Hz .. 500 Hz
                                              Filters can auto-track in Online configuration.

Balance Differential channel does not need balancing.
                                              Absolute channel has smart auto-balance.

Setup Manual or visual at user-selected frequency

Parameter storage Up to 100 sets can be stored and recalled

Alarms Internal beeper. Outputs for external alarms. “Lamps” on screen.
                                                Paint Marker outputs (opto-isolated TTL).

Display Real time vector display with thresholds as well as
                                                real time y-t (strip-chart) display (differential).
                                               “Bar-graph” display for absolute signals.

Printing PCL-3 compatible inkjet/laser parallel port printer can be attached for printing parameter sets, statistics, stripchart signal and screen prints.

User interface Graphical User Interface on VGA monitor with keyboard for input

Digital I/O Opto-isolated logic-level Inputs/outputs required for sorting automation are provided

Serial link RS-232C serial link with optional software for remote operation.