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Metal Sorters
Technofour have a range of metal sorting equipment to cater to a wide variety of tasks. The top-of-the-line system is Multifect-GX, a simultaneous or multiplexed multifrequecy equipment for multiparameter inspection.  It is a power-user system with several test modes, including  Confidence test, Regression readout, Artificial neural network assisted sorting etc. Real-time Harmonic Analysis permits solving those difficult jobs where a lesser instument just does not cut it.
Multifect-SP is available for simpler needs with single variable frequency sorting of components for metallurgical variations. This, too, is offered in two packages.
A wide variety of test automation equipment is also available from Technofour. This includes gate sorters of several types, vibratory feeders and custom-built mechanisms.
Multifect system with Gate Sorter
Multifect-EX shares many of the features of Multifect-GX like multiplexed multi-frequency operation, Confidence tests, Regression readout, Automatic setup, Automatic sorting, Ethernet connectivity,  Elliptical thresholds etc. It however misses out on Harmonic Analysis
Multifect-LX is available as a compact touch-operated unit that can be interfaced with a gate-sorter system for basic manual or automated sorting needs.