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Technofour Flawmark Test Systems
Three models of test systems are available for encircling coil / segment coil inspection of welded or seamless tubes or bars.
Online or Offline/Inline Inspection of tubes, wires and bars
Flawmark-LX is a compact solution for single frequency differential and/or absolute tests of tubular products. It retains many of its big brother's features except a built-in HDD for logging of entire test data and USB/LAN etc.
A wide range of encircling /segment test heads and saturation / demag coils are available for various applications.
Defect Detection
Flawmark-GX is the illustrious eighth-generation flagship from Technofour. Unique D3 signal processing technology results in dramatic improvement in signal-to-noise ratio and unmatched stability. The system sports a touch-operated LCD apart from features like TCP/IP servers that keep you connected over internet or intranet as also email reports, data logging and a whole lot more.
All kinds of Mechanical Handling Systems, Automation and other Accessories are available for the Flawmark Series.
Flawmark-EX is the seventh-generation workhorse from Technofour. This feature-packed system sports TCP/IP servers to keep you connected, and even sends you regular e-mail reports and detailed logs of events at the test line. An SPC display is included with online systems.