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Multifect-GX is a sixth-generation versatile multi-frequency,
multi-channel, multi-parameter eddy current comparator
for segregation of metallic components and raw stock. The
system outshines old-school instruments by implementing
real-time analysis of harmonics of each test frequency. This
enables sorting of components previously impossible with
conventional instruments. The system is ideally suited for
stringent quality checks of crucial automotive components.
Some typical applications are:

Sorting of bars or components according to alloy type
Sorting of fasteners according to hardness
Segregation of forgings as per heat-treat condition
Evaluation of gudgeon pins for case-depth
Regression readout of values ( e.g. Hardness )
Confidence Testing with known good samples
Artificial Neural Network based grouping
Segregation with multiple parameter mixups

Multifect-GX can test parts at up to 32 frequencies at one go.
Up to nine harmonics can simultaneously be analysed for
each frequency. Harmonics carry information about nonlinearity of B-H curve of a material. This additional information enables sorting components which cannot be sorted at multiples of any test frequency. E.g. Third harmonic of 100 Hz is 300 Hz. But the information carried by the third harmonic of 100Hz is not available at 300Hz test frequency.

Often electromagnetic
signals from components
have subtle variations that manifest themselves in harmonic content of test frequency as seen in the figure. Conventional test instruments are likely to miss the variations and
result in erroneous sorting
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