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Multifect-SP is a processor-based advanced non-destructive Eddy Current metal sorter. It provides single frequency excitation of test coils or probes, and processes the resulting eddy current data digitally. All test parameters like test frequency, gain, phase, thresholds etc are controlled digitally. The system also enables automatic sorting of materials by interfacing to suitable handling and sorting equipment.

Multifect-SP sorts metallic raw materials and components like bars, billets, forgings, castings, sheets, fasteners, gears, pins, levers, bushes etc according to various metallurgical parameters like alloy type, hardness, case depth, heat treat condition, grain structure etc.

Some Typical Applications

- Segregation of bars according to alloy type
- Automatic segregation of bearing rollers according to hardness.
- Segregation of forgings as per heat treat condition
- Automatic segregation of bolts according to hardness
- Segregation of pins, bushes, rings, studs etc in a given range of hardness