Flawmark-EX is an advanced Eddy Current Inspection systems for tubular products. This seventh generation Flawmark keeps you connected no matter where you might be in the world. You can connect to it from intranet or internet and view test signals and results in real time. It can even send you E-mails at your scheduled times with all test data, statistics and error conditions. An SPC display is available for online systems that shows the history of your mill up to the past 24 hours, with eddy current signals. The system also supports remote diagnostics over TCP/IP.

Flawmark-EX can detect cracks, pin-holes, open welds, voids, inclusions, concentrated porosity, weld defects, slivers, opened up skin laminations, deep pittings as well as mechanical damage in metal tubes, bars and wires. Ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic as well as austenitic materials can be inspected by the system in Online, Offline, Inline and Spool-to-spool configurations. The inspection can be carried out as per API, ASTM, DIN, BS, ETTC, JIS, IS or other standards. All data is logged to a Hard Disk. Test reports can be generated in Microsoft Excel format.

An absolute channel can be configured for Online systems for detection of open welds etc. Multifrequency and multichannel options are available for advanced use.
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Flawmark EX
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Advanced Eddy Current System for Non-destructive Inspection of Seamless or Welded tubes, wires and bars
Differential as well as Absolute channelsEncircling as well as Segment Test HeadsMultifrequency and multichannel optionsThree Evaluation ModesThree thresholds for differential channelsAutomatic SetupWindows operating systemExtensive Data logging and reportingTCP/IP servers over Ethernet
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