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Rotating Probe System for inspection of bars, wire-rods and seamless tubes
Rotoprobe EX is a highly advanced rotating-probe eddy current test system for non-destructive inspection of bright bars, black bars, seamless tubes, wires and wire rods. Ferromagnetic as well as austenitic materials in the size range of 2.5mm to 140mm diameter can be tested by the system. Rotoprobe-EX reliably detects and logs defects such as cracks, seams, laps, pitting, slivers etc. The system is predominantly suited for detecting longitudinal or helical defects.

Rotoprobe-EX is powered by an embedded processor, which enables extensive data analysis, data logging and reporting. Automatic Gap Compensation takes care of signal changes due to eccentricity variations.

The advanced digital signal processing enables very high resolution of flaws. Defects of the order of 30 microns can be detected by the system on ground-finish surfaces. Additional encircling channel can extend the system's capabilities to detection of transverse/short defects. Yet another channel can be added for grade sorting, all in the same line.
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Rotating Heads
TypeDiameter Range
RV0 3 to 20 mm
RV1 4 to 40 mm
RV3 16 to 90 mm
RV4 20 to 140 mm
Higher size on request