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Multifrequency Multichannel Equipment for In-Service Inspection of Heat Exchangers and Steam Generators
INSIS-EX is a leading-edge multifrequency / multichannel eddy current test system for in-service inspection of steam generator tubes or heat exchangers. Up to 8 frequencies can be used simultaneously for testing with absolute and differential probes at high sampling rates. Up to 512 frequency / channel combinations are possible through multiplexing. Support is also provided for send-receive, rotating probes as well as ViRAT virtually rotating array probes.

Remote Field Eddy Current testing is supported via an external amplifier

INSIS-EX is built with a unique parallel processor architecture centered around an embedded Pentium processor. Probe pusher-pullers and robotic manipulators are available, and can be controlled by Insis-EX from up to 150 meters, resulting in a completely integrated automatic system for steam generator in-service inspection.

Extensive data-acquisition, data management, data reporting as well as data analysis software is available, complete with tube-sheet mapping and history compare features. TCP/IP servers let you connect to the instrument over intranet as well as internet.
Actually, Six Instruments.
For the Price of One!
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