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Fortyfive years ago, four green youngsters fresh out of India's premier engineering school, IIT Bombay, got their heads together and set forth on a daunting task. Their mission: to design and build a whole range of world class sophisticated Eddy Current non-destructive test systems.

Today the Technofour group takes pride in their products. Apart from arguably the best Eddy Current NDT systems in the world, the group has three other major lines of business: Highly sophisticated metal detectors for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries; Check-weigher systems and mechanical handling systems and robotics.

Technofour have now diversified into Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors as well as Barkhausen Emission Analyzers. Technofour take pride in introducing the World's smallest credit card sized Eddy Current instrument - the EddyUSB, Ultrasonic flaw detector UTUSB and the World's first Bluetooth enabled instrument, the EddyBLU.