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Multifect-EC is an advanced and versatile multifrequency / multichannel eddy current test system for segregation of components and raw materials. Typical applications are:

Sorting of bars or components according to alloy type
Sorting of fasteners according to hardness
Segregation of forgings as per heat-treat condition
Evaluation of gudgeon pins for case-depth

Multifect-EC can test parts at up to 8 frequencies at one go,thus increasing confidence in the process. This feature can also help in solving certain problems that cannot be solved at just one frequency. The setup is completely automatic, making the system very easy to operate.

Elliptical thresholds enable more ‘natural’ grouping, covering the spread in signals due to the inevitable
differences in metallurgical properties within a group. Conventional rectangular thresholds are also available for simple single frequency applications.

The system has an embedded Pentium processor at its heart, centered around a unique parallel processor architecture. Standard or custom-built automatic sorting mechanisms can be supplied with the system. The system is offered in two packages: 19-inch cabinet mounted for shop-floor applications and as a portable instrument for field-sorting applications.

Multifect-EC supports all kinds of probes and coils, such as absolute, differential, send-receive, single coil, bridge, bobbin, surface, shielded as well as unshielded etc. The logic for automation is built-in. This enables the system to be readily adopted to any testing need.
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